Just wanted to drop you and your staff a note about the dock system. Attached are the final results. Let me start by saying that your dock system is everything you said it was and so much more!!! I’m a mechanical engineer so when I purchase something I always look at it’s quality and it’s engineering. I am very impressed with both! I’ll start with the shipper……Conway was great! We are down a dirt road and then a dirt driveway down toward the lake. I figured this guy is going to kick the skids off the truck where the pavement ends. I was TOTALLY wrong!! I showed the driver where we wanted the skids and he backed down the steep driveway to exactly where we wanted them. He did offer to drive all the way down to the lake shore but it would have meant getting my chain saw out to remove about a dozen 100 ft trees. Of course it was raining just add to the drama of the delivery. The driver was great. I had all the tools that you recommended, so he just started cutting the bands himself. It was just my wife and myself, but there really wasn’t anything that we could not handle. We carried each piece about 50 yards to the site. At one point we did have to stop because the rain got a little intense. Everything was easy to understand so it went together quickly. We started at 1:30 and completed everything except the latches under the AZEK sections by 5:30. I did switch some of the legs around so that the legs at the very end of the dock would be much lower. I put them on the end of the 6 X 6.

I looked at everything as I put it together: the angle on the bottom “skids” of the legs (not too much but just enough), the profile of the extrusions when you mate the “adaptor” for the 6 X 6 to the side rails (very impressive design!), even the little detent the holds the brace on the legs that keeps them extended (the devil is in the detail but you got him here!), all the way to the quality of the welding.

There are already requests from the CFO (Her name is PEG) to get another bumper and now it looks like a set of stairs down into the water would be “a nice thing to have”. We would like a quote on the stairs and the bumper please.