The dock has worked out just perfect for us. We have had a number of visitors who are very interested in it. If anyone contacts you from our area and would like to see the dock, I would be more than happy to show them ours.
We have a double “L” now and would like to make a triple “L”, do you make a section that would fit between the two existing sections? We would also like to lengthen the dock by two more sections, putting us at 64 feet… Thanks again for a great product, it is everything you advertise it to be.
[and later]

Becky & Carl,
The dock was delivered by the same fellow as the first dock and as it was then, all went great. They delivered around 2:30 and the attached picture was taken at 4:30. The entire in/out process is so simple it’s hard for people to believe it when I tell them. I am 62 years old and have no problems handling the sections (cedar, the others might be more difficult). There is a contracting crew doing work on our house and they were very impressed with the dock and how easy it is to handle. I noticed you have changed from a thumb screw to a star handle for mounting screws. I like the star handles much better and think it is a great improvement for tightening up the dove tails. (I would like to replace the 6 thumb type with star handles this fall) I’ll contact you later in the summer for a cost. I will put the check in tomorrows mail for the balance due. Again, you have a great product and are wonderful to deal with.