Thanks very much for being on call for us this weekend to help set up the pier. We appreciate your walking us through it. We finished the set-up yesterday and had two great days of use. It looks great and is everything I was expecting in terms of quality construction and materials.

Jennifer V., Springfield Center, NY
…. I like my new pier. It arrived yesterday afternoon, that’s when I got busy. I pulled my old dock out, and unloaded the pallet. By 9pm I had a 6′ x 30′ level dock with internal legs and bumpers. Looks great, easy to install, and like your website says… intuitive. I’m looking forward to

Michael V., Greenwood Lake, NY
I got the new pier all installed in the lake weekend before last & it went in great. It took me about four hours, only because being the first time I had to get the shore mount in place, & all the leg heights set & leveled. The one shorter leg for the last section

Mike P., Neenah, WI
It was such a pleasure meeting you in person and dragging through the wee hours of Friday morning. I appreciate your efforts to deliver the dock no matter what. I hope you finally got a good sleep and returned safely to Wisconsin.On Saturday, I installed the first sections of the pier. What a pleasure it

Peter B., Whitmore Lake, MI
Just wanted to drop you and your staff a note about the dock system. Attached are the final results. Let me start by saying that your dock system is everything you said it was and so much more!!! I’m a mechanical engineer so when I purchase something I always look at it’s quality and it’s

Steve and Peg W., Holderness, NH
YOUR PIER IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL- * * * * -PERFECT DESIGN EVER MADE WORLDWIDE!!!!!!!!!!! I have a spinal cord injury, and I was able to do the entire thing all myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should be given the Nobel peace Prize for such a design, and you should license your patents to ALL the major pier

Will R., Warsaw, IN

A small token of my appreciation for all the help you have given me. Enjoy in good health.

Barry B., Conesus, NY