Starting Options

Pier of d’Nort offers four ways that you can begin your pier.


Our most economical way to start your pier is with a ramp section. The ramps differ from our standard sections in that their legs can be adjusted so that they remain vertical while the ramp itself slopes upward or downward. The shore-end of the ramp rests on any horizontal surface; a stairstep, grass, sand, cement blocks, etc.

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Shore Mount

The shore mount attaches to any horizontal surface and pretties up your beginning with a three-board mini-ramp. Shore mounts can be bolted down, staked, lag screwed, or they can simply be placed on the ground without being fastened. Fastening is optional, your pier won’t go anywhere.

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Fascia Mount

The fascia mount attaches to any vertical surface such as a railroad tie, boardwalk, step face, or another pier. It comes with its own single board . . . which looks a lot nicer than without.

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