Height Adjustment

As with everything else about our pier, height adjustment is simple and reliable. If you want to raise the pier, lift the pier up and step down on the footpad. That’s it! It stays there. Period.

The secret is a one-way cam, the leg can slip one way but not the other. The clever engineers at Pier of d’Nort figured out which way to mount the cam so it holds the pier up rather than the other way around.

When you want to lower the pier, all it takes is a 1/8 turn of a wrench to loosen the cam mechanism. Now you can lower or raise the pier. When you let go of the wrench the pier stays. No more set screws that can strip and rust. No expensive, slow, heavy, and finicky screw-type adjusters. (more about those shortly). Place your cursor over the closeup to see how our cam-cincher works.

Grab the cam’s shaft with a common half inch wrench and pull up. As you lift the frame with the wrench, the leg releases, allowing you to lower (or raise) the frame using the wrench as your lifting point. When you’ve got it where you want it, release the wrench to re-engage the cam. Large adjustments can be made in mere seconds, which comes in very handy when installing your pier for the first time. No other height adjustment scheme is faster.

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Adjustable Range

We custom cut each and every leg. Once they are cut to length, you will have an adjustable range of whatever amount you wish to order. Typically we will add about 30″ of leg-length to whatever the water depth is at a particular leg’s location. If the pier is twenty inches above the water, the tops of the legs will then extend 10″ above the deck, and you will have about 17″ of adjustability in either direction.

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Simplicity, along with the fact that it’s made of stainless steel means it’s reliable. It’s even replaceable, although why that would ever matter is hard to imagine.

A word about above-deck adjustment

Being able to adjust the height of your pier from the top of the deck seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to expect of a pier. For some situations and for some people that option will outweigh other considerations, and for that reason we will be offering that capability soon with a retrofit-able jack.

In most cases, we have found that piers are too seldom adjusted to justify the added expense to the customer. To put what amounts to a jack in every single leg just to be able to adjust a pier the several inches it might vary from one year to the next seemed secondary to putting that money into beefier and better construction, better materials, better service, and better factory support.

A word about our system

Let’s say it’s spring and you notice that the water is up a foot or down a foot. It’s almost a trivial matter to go to your stack of frames with your wrench and slide each leg the necessary foot. They’re all right there. Alternatively, let’s say come mid-summer you realize that you need to raise your whole pier, say, six inches. Well, then the water’s warmed up, hasn’t it? Lift each corner in turn and push the footpad down. It takes literally seconds each.

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