Let’s say you’re installing your pier for the first time. Before installing a section, slip a pair of legs into their leg sleeves one at a time using the wrench to hold the cam “open.” You’ll be guessing how far to insert the legs and that’s fine. Throw the section in as shown previously. If the section lands too low, that’s good. From in the water, pick the section up from one corner until it’s level, then push the footpad to the ground. The pier is stiff enough so that the other footpad will now be above the ground. Move to that side and simply push that footpad down. Now you’re ready for the panels and the next section. If you can guestimate your leg insertion on dry land so that the frame sections always land a bit lower than horizontzal, the above simple procedure will allow your pier to be installed in not much more time than that taken walking back and forth.

Now let’s say the section lands higher than horizontal. Grab a camshaft with your wrench and lift, then raise the freed leg way up off the ground and lock it there. Move to the other side and, again using the wrench, raise that leg also. While still holding the frame up with with the wrench, lower the frame to where it’s level and drop the leg to the ground. Go back to the first side and push that footpad to the ground (or drop it by releasing the cam with the wrench). You’ve still only taken but a few moments.

Is it possible to install the pier the first time without getting in the water? Yes. For that you may need a little help. You’ll probably have spectators around anyway, being the first time. Bring your section out and latch it to the previous section, but instead of throwing it in, attach a rope to the leg end first. Then either throw the section in or lower it with the rope. Note whether it rests too high or too low and by how much. Then, with your helper, lift the section back up with the rope until it begins to fall toward you being careful to catch it before it gains any appreciable speed. It’ll come back to an angle of about 37.4395825846827364 degrees give or take. Now the legs are at a height where you can access the cam and thus adjust the legs deeper or shallower. If not right this second time, repeat until you’re satisfied. Once level, installing the two panels will get you close enough to the rope to untie it for the next section.