Our standard section consists of a 4′ x 8′ welded aluminum frame with our patented, dual-braced folding legs on one end, and our patented swiveling hooks on the other. None of that bolting and unbolting between seasons. The frame is topped with two 4′ x 4′ deck panels.


We offer two kinds of decking, vinyl and beautiful, plantation-grown Western Red Cedar.

NOTE: Cedar wood may be unavailable due to a current lumber shortage.

For those handy sorts who might like to build their own deck panels, we even sell frames without decking. More about that in “Buying our pier.”

L’s and T’s

Using our simple T&L Mount, you can branch off to the right, left, or both directions at once. And you can do it virtually anywhere along the pier. The T&L mount attaches securely to the side of any pier section with two simple hand knobs. You can even mount two or more sections side-by-side to make the platform of your choice.

Other Perks

Dual dove-tail grooves run the entire length of each section to provide for super-secure attachment of peripherals. Our ergonomic gripper, shown in false colors for illustrative purposes, bites vise-like into all four dovetail corners. It’s an integral part of most of our “Accessories.”

Folding legs allow six standard frames to stack less than 30″ tall. Even the stacking takes only one person – unless you include those watching (with envy).