If you think Pier of d’Nort might be the right pier for you, let us know. We will happily send you our prices and answer any questions you may have. Here’s a few answers already.


We ship anywhere. We package our piers securely as shown below, then we wrap them in plastic to keep them clean. The usual transit time is one to five days.


We sometimes deliver piers ourselves depending on schedule, location, and installation requirements. Great news if you live in Wisconsin! We can deliver your pier directly to you and even provide first time install. (separate fees apply). If we can save you some money by combining your delivery with someone else’s, we will. (take note Michiganites)

Customer Pickup

We are happy to have you come to St Germain to pick your pier up in person if you like. We’d be proud to show you around and let you see just how our pier is put together. We know you’ll be impressed.

Lead Times / Scheduling

Full pier systems can be ready for shipping, delivery, or pick up in one to three weeks depending on the time of the year. However delivery and shipping spots fill up quickly during April, May and June so call early to start your quote and save your date or to check on current lead times.

**Note that due to the pandemic, lead times may be longer than usual. Please check with the sales team to find out the most up to date information**

How we do the legs

Each and every leg is custom cut. Once they are cut to length, you will have an adjustable range of whatever amount you wish to order. Typically we will add about 30″ of leg-length to whatever the water depth is at a particular leg’s location. If the pier is twenty inches above the water, the tops of the legs will then extend 10″ above the deck, and you will have about 17″ of adjustability in the upward direction and even more in the downward direction. Most folks want their leg-tops to line up nice and neat, so they are happy to measure their water depths. Some are less concerned about that, and only provide the water depth at the end of the pier, letting us interpolate the intermediate lengths. Still others guestimate or prefer to cut their legs after installation. The downside of that is that it’s more work to cut the legs after installation than it is to measure the water depths. We leave the preference to the customer. The minimum height that can be achieved from the footpad to the top of the deck is about 21″. The maximum leg length/water depth that can be achieved is 16 feet. For water depths over about 4 1/2 ft you may want to add deep-water bracing to the last section for extra stability.

The questions we will ask

  • What kind of shoreline do you have? (determines how you start your pier)
  • How large is your lake? (determines your need for panel locks)
  • How soft or hard is your bottom? (determines footpad size)
  • How deep will you go? (determines your need for Deep Water Braces)
  • Do you prefer vinyl decking or Western Red Cedar?
  • If vinyl, which color do you prefer?
  • When would you like your pier?
  • Do you need bumpers? And what color?
  • What kind of accessability for trucks do you have?
  • Would you like white leg caps or black?
  • Do you like your coffee black or with cream?

Frames only purchase (build your own deck panels)

Many of our more handy customers purchase just the frames and build their own deck panels using our plans and locally available materials. This can save you money in two ways. You’re not paying for us to assemble them, and you’re not paying for their shipment. Our frames-only prices are included in our pricelist.