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Your Town: Hollywood Sculptor Calls the Northwoods Home

From WSAW news:
Carl Surges could be called the da Vinci of the Northwoods. He is a sculptor, artist, entrepreneur, and inventor. While he has lived all over the country and worked on all sorts of projects, his love of sculpting started right here in Wisconsin.

“My mother gave us kids clay when we were 3 years old, and we played with clay pretty much every rainy day.” Surges say.

As the years went on, Carl realized his talent for sculpting. That is what prompted him to send samples of his work to LA. Before he knew it, he had found a production company that liked what they saw.

Carl began doing work on stop motion animation as well as sculpting designs for major theme parks. His work has been featured at places like Universal Studios and Knott’s Berry Farm.

After years of sculpting for theme parks, Carl decided that he wanted to branch out. That is when Hollywood came calling. Many of his creations have been featured in some major motion pictures.

“I have done work on the movie, The Thing, which was mostly sculptural work and some of the creatures later on in the film. I also did work on the movie Beetlejuice.” Surges says.

In addition to work on everything from Star Trek to The Twilight Zone movie, Carl has also created toys, something that has worked to his advantage since he decided to move to Eagle River after years in California.

Today, Carl is largely retired from sculpting, now choosing to focus on running his business Pier of d’ Nort in St. Germain.

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AIM Stage Photos

This week we have some photos from the AIM Stage that uses Pier of d’Nort docks as their stage.  All photos are from the tournament in Green Bay earlier this year.  In the coming weeks we’ll have some more details on Pierre’s progress as well as information about the Northwest Sports Show in Minneapolis later this month.  For now, the stage.

Our Docks In The Spotlight

We’ve had quite a few interesting updates going on recently.

The most interesting would be that our docks are now used for the Anglers Insight Marketing Pro Walleye Series Fishing Tournament’s Stage.  We’ll have some more updates coming in the future but we are proud to sponsor and support the anglers over at AIM.  Granted you won’t be seeing any boats moored next to our docks on the stage, you can see them all over the country if you keep your eyes peeled!  We look forward to the coming walleye season as sponsors of the AIM Pro Walleye Series and will update everyone with more on that shortly.

Keeping aligned with out of water uses for our boat docks and piers we also worked with two separate boat dealers and manufacturers who will use our docks and piers as walkways for their trade shows and entrance ramps to their boats.  Out of all the dock manufacturers these dealers chose Pier of d’Nort docks because we have the best quality, easiest to install and maintain, and most durable docks on the market.

On another note, Pierre is still coming along and we’re looking to have him ready to go for a trade show in March in Minneapolis.  We look forward to seeing you all there – please visit the contact page for questions and inquiries!

Storefront Progress

We’ve got lots of fun things planned for the upcoming 2011 season. To date, our visibility here on Hwy 70 has been rather modest, but come springtime northern Wisconsin will definitely know that a major dock manufacturer is here and that we aim to make lakefronts as easy and as fun as possible.

Currently we are building our company greeter, Pierre (of d’Nort).  Pierre is 12 ft tall sitting down. That makes him just a tad too big to fit inside our facility, which is why he has no head. If our docks can support a giant, it can certainly support our customers—no matter how many of them crowd onto our docks and piers. Look for more progress pics soon.

Pierre will be joined out in front of our building by a display of twenty two of our dock sections arranged in a fan-like display that’s certain to turn heads.

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